The salon held in a shop of tac:tac is a place finding new discovery and various people every time. It is the space where various encounters are born.The salon: is called the polite society on the stage of the Imperial Court including a living room, the lounge and a noble residence. The master invited a cultured person, a scholar, writers and enjoyed an intellectual conversation.

24 May, 2015

The first salon was invited Mr. Sato and Mr.Namba from unit which made full use of an open reel deck Mother Tereco from Open Reel Ensemble.
We suggested a performance to stop at the old reel deck and violin, the opportunity when you can really touched open reel deck.


Kimitoshi Sato × Takumi Namba
(Mother Tereco from Open Reel Ensemble)

The activity with two people does music offer of Tokyo collection participation brand 4 seasons from 2013 so far. And dealing with show music of live fashion brand ‘FORM ON WORD’ by ‘Kehles’ and ‘ Space brother ‘ charity collaboration party at Arts Maebashi and Mito museum. An active place to various fields is expanded into a musical offer to the Paris collection of ISSEY MIYAKE and an appearance to sonar festival in home country Spain. Unit ‘Mother Tereco’ is formed in September, 2014 and a source is being made at present.